Why can’t I see your fees online?
We don’t list all our fees online since each job we perform is unique. Of course there are some similarities from job to job, but we prefer to analyze what needs to be done over a quick phone call so we can set your expectations properly.
How accurate are your over the phone quotes?
Diagnosing exactly what needs to be done over a phone call is effective but not 100% accurate. We can get very close to estimating the cost, but there are often unknowns that we cannot determine even if you answer all our questions properly. We do our best to make sure cost do not skyrocket once we get to your auto, home, or business to do the work.
Will my car get damaged when you unlock it?
Silverstate uses trusted tools and techniques and all of our locksmiths are trained to do everything possible to leave you car unmarked and undamaged. Certain window tints may be susceptible to scratching, so we may advise that a new key is made instead of picking your lock – most of the time tints should be able to be left unmarked and undamaged.
Doesn’t a dealership need to make my car keys?
Nope! Save money and the hassle of dealing with a dealership and talk to us about getting your new keys made – 702-445-3758
I lost my house keys, will you damage the lock to get in? What does rekey mean?
We have the ability to unlock nearly any type of lock without damaging the lock – so it is very unlikely that we need to drill out the lock and put a new one in. If we need to drill out a lock, we will leave the door handle and fixtures undamaged.
What does rekey mean?
Rekey is a cheap and easy alternative to replacing your lock hardware. Pins in the lock are modified so that current keys no longer work, then we issue new keys that do work. This is something people often do when moving into a new home, or if there is any reason that someone undesirable has a key to your home or office
What is a bump proof lock?
Bump proof locks are a security lock for homes and businesses. These locks are less likely to be broken by a thief who has access to bump-keys which open most locks with a only a little bit of effort. Bump proof locks are a great solution to keeping your home more secure.